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Angioletto Preschool will always be special to us

Angioletto Preschool will always be special to us – not only because my daughter Sachi first learned her ABC’s & 123’s with you but for the 1st 3 years of her school life, you had been like a second home to her. Putting a barely 4-yr old child in a place away from home is crucial – most especially to a worriesome mom like me whose concern at that time were : di kaya ma-culture shock ang anak ko?, would she enjoy her activities in school? Letting her stay from Nursery to Kinder 2 would obviously tell you that all my concerns were futile. Sachi grew up with Angioletto & turned into this young lady (she’s now 9 & doing good in the Big School) who is confident & well-rounded . Up to this day, she always tells me good stories about her years in Angioletto & still considers her Angioletto teachers the best ones that she’s had.

Doc Rose

Our daughters are products of Angioletto Preschool

Our daughters are products of Angioletto Preschool and as parents, we are very grateful to what our daughters have become. Upon moving to big school, they were able to adapt in terms of social belongingness and cope up seamlessly with the academic rigor. We can firmly say that Angioletto Preschool has a very big contribution to the wholeness of our daughters. It made our life easier during the formative years of our girls.

Aside from being academic awardees, our girls have developed other facets of their personalities being very interested in music and having the privilege of representing their school through road shows and being student athletes by qualifying as a varsity. Other alumni of Angioletto who moved to big school are also excelling either as being among the top academically in their whole batch, student leaders, special awardees other than academic and conduct, and representing their school in inter school meets.

Thank you Angioletto!

Chet Martinez Bustos

I was not disappointed!

My son went here from toddler to k2. I was not disappointed! He is doing very well now at his big school. The teachers are great, and really care for the kids. When my son was hospitalized, they made cards for my son, and the head mistress even went to visit him in the hospital. The school has lots of interesting activities for the kids: yoga, gymnastics, cooking, swimming, they get real coaches to do some of the PE, they offer Singapore Math, kindermusik, they even went to the dentist to alleviate the fear of kids! This is a great pre-school, definitely the best within the area (and I checked all the schools around there).

Checos Escobar Venegas

I never thought I would ever enroll my child as early as 2.5yo

I never thought I would ever enroll my child as early as 2.5yo because I thought it was too soon for school. Then My husband and I were blessed with a daughter, wonderful as she was, she was a bit antisocial as a baby and we both knew that she needed proper interaction with kids and adults in a good environment, safe and homey. And of course, God in His very special way, led us to Angioletto. The day we went there for an ocular, we were welcomed so warmly by Teacher Che and Tito Joseph, and we could not believe that my daughter without any hesitation took the hand of Teacher Che and followed her! We enrolled Caydie right there and then, and we couldn’t be more happier with our decision! Now Caydie is entering Grade 1 this coming school year, and I am confident that she will do good because Angioletto Preschool has prepared her and helped nurture her to the young lady she is now. I can not thank you enough, Angioletto family for everything. Not only did we find a school that helped mold my daughter to how she is today, but extended family/ friends as well! Continue to be a blessing to the children and their family! God bless and more power!!

Dez Cuaso-Fermin

They become prepared for big schools

My daughters are both products of Angioletto Preschool. My eldest was a loyaltee awardee as she took Toddler class up util Prep. I love their Toddler program as it really prepares the little ones as they leave their homes for the first time. As each child takes the next level, they become prepared for big schools. My eldest is now an incoming Grade 5, and she still can’t forget her experience with Angioletto Preschool. My youngest enrolled Nursery in Angioletto. Since the family resides in Cavite now, I had her take an Entrance Exam in our area and the Test Giver was surprised that she can write her name and some letters, as well. She’ll be in K1 this coming school year.

The teachers are very patient in guiding our kids as they embark on their educational journey.

Sarah Elizaga