Our daughters are products of Angioletto Preschool and as parents, we are very grateful to what our daughters have become. Upon moving to big school, they were able to adapt in terms of social belongingness and cope up seamlessly with the academic rigor. We can firmly say that Angioletto Preschool has a very big contribution to the wholeness of our daughters. It made our life easier during the formative years of our girls.

Aside from being academic awardees, our girls have developed other facets of their personalities being very interested in music and having the privilege of representing their school through road shows and being student athletes by qualifying as a varsity. Other alumni of Angioletto who moved to big school are also excelling either as being among the top academically in their whole batch, student leaders, special awardees other than academic and conduct, and representing their school in inter school meets.

Thank you Angioletto!