I never thought I would ever enroll my child as early as 2.5yo because I thought it was too soon for school. Then My husband and I were blessed with a daughter, wonderful as she was, she was a bit antisocial as a baby and we both knew that she needed proper interaction with kids and adults in a good environment, safe and homey. And of course, God in His very special way, led us to Angioletto. The day we went there for an ocular, we were welcomed so warmly by Teacher Che and Tito Joseph, and we could not believe that my daughter without any hesitation took the hand of Teacher Che and followed her! We enrolled Caydie right there and then, and we couldn't be more happier with our decision! Now Caydie is entering Grade 1 this coming school year, and I am confident that she will do good because Angioletto Preschool has prepared her and helped nurture her to the young lady she is now. I can not thank you enough, Angioletto family for everything. Not only did we find a school that helped mold my daughter to how she is today, but extended family/ friends as well! Continue to be a blessing to the children and their family! God bless and more power!!