Bullying, in any form, is considered unacceptable at Angioletto Preschool. This relates to instances involving children, teachers, staff, or parents/companions. Any behavior that is considered bullying will be recorded and addressed immediately.

Pursuant to the provisions of Section 7 of Republic Act No. 10627, we are hereby to implement the provisions of the Act.

Prohibited Acts 

The anti-bullying shall prohibit bullying at the following:

  • school grounds
  • school-related activities, functions or programs whether in or off school;
  • vehicles used by the school;
  • bullying through the use of technology

Prevention Programs

These programs shall be applicable to all students regardless of level of risk of vulnerability to bullying. Said programs shall also be comprehensive, multi-faceted, and shall involve all education stakeholders and personnel. The programs may contain among others:

School-wide initiatives centered on:

  • positive school climate and environment conducive to the attainment of learning objectives, the development of healthy relationships, and the understanding of and respect for individual differences;
  • periodic assessment and monitoring of the nature, extent, and perceptions of bullying behaviors and attitudes of students;
  • conduct activities for students, school personnel and service providers on how to recognize and respond to bullying

Classroom-level initiatives that focus on:

  • reinforcing school-wide rules pertaining to bullying
  • discussion of issues related to bullying and strategies for responding to and reporting of incidence of bullying
  • teaching positive behavior and caring environment for all students

Involving Parents in bullying prevention activities:

  • discussion of the anti-bullying policy of the school
  • conducting parental talks for parents to learn, teach, model and reinforce positive social and emotional skills to their children

Intervention Programs

Intervention refers to activities which are designed to address the following:

  • issues that influence the student to commit bullying;
  • factors that make a student a target of bullying; and
  • effects of bullying

Interventions may include programs such as counseling, education, and other activities that will enhance the psychological, emotional and psycho-social well being of both the victim and the bully.

Procedure in Handling Bullying Incidents in School

Immediate Responses

The victim or anyone who witnesses or has personal knowledge of a bullying incident or retaliation shall immediately call the attention of school personnel.

The school personnel who was notified of a bullying incident or retaliation shall intervene by:

  • stop the child who is bullying from harming the other child or children
  • explain to the child doing bullying why his/her behavior is not acceptable
  • give reassurance to the child or children who have been bullied
  • help the child who has done the bullying to recognize the impact of their action
  • support the individual who has been bullied, keeping them under close supervision and checking his/her welfare regularly.
  • discuss what has happened to the parents of the child who did the bullying and work out with them a plan for handling the child’s behavior
  • share what has happened with the parents of the child who has been bullied, explaining that the child who did the bullying is being helped to adopt more acceptable ways of behaving
  • incidents of bullying will be recorded on an incident log
  • serious incidents of bullying will be reported to the school head
  • if bullying behavior persists, more serious action will be taken